Writing for fun

Giving God my time, He deserves it.

I am writing this and excuse the broken English. For a while now God has been speaking to me about the time I spent whether it is in front of my laptop or TV watching a series or movie I have downloaded or copied from a friend illegally. I realize that when I go sit at God’s feet with no distractions or wasting time on movies or series my Spirit gets filled with His Word, His Truth and encouragement. I can see it in my daily routine when I only give Him a hour in my week; the flat will look like a tornado went through and I will emotionally be very weary and I can hear it in the way I speak to people and my attitude towards my job.

I have been disobedient in this request from the Lord even though God has been knocking on the door. I have finally said “yes” to this request. Slowly realizing what it meant. 😉 So this is why I am writing this.

I honestly feel we are not giving God the time He deserves. Using technology to drift away and keeping me physically and mentally busy. What about my Spirit? Don’t get me wrong I am not saying throw everything away. We are unfortunately living in a time where social media can be our biggest way to reach people, but it shouldn’t be our only option. But I, we need to balance our time so we can give God more than just an hour a week and start living in overflow from our Spirit and not just our physical or mental being. In this way we reach people with joy that is unexplained and they will ask you about it.

Lets give God all of who we are and everything will work out for the good.




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